Daily Lift – February 12, 2017

At Matthew chapter nine, there was brought to the Lord a man who was bed-ridden with palsey. The very fact that he came to the Lord for healing was a demonstration of faith sufficiently great to cause the Lord to pronounce forgiveness for his sins. The scribes who heard the comments considered them blasphemous. Though their thoughts were never spoken in this text, Jesus knew what they were, and considered it evil for them to suppose that He couldn’t forgive sins as He said He could. One characteristic of sin is that it’ is not visible; that is, guilt can’t been seen by the naked eye. Therefore, if this man’s sins had been cleansed, knowledge of the fact would be for us simply an act of faith. Perhaps something visible would help both to illustrate and prove the invisible. It was for physical healing for which the man had first come; therefore, if the Christ were able to rid the man of palsey, then it follows that the power to forgive must also be present. The Lord invited His critics to reason with Him thusly on the matter as He healed the man’s body. This individual rose up whole in body and soul, and departed to his house, leaving behind a multitude who marveled and glorified God for what had taken place. Perhaps the scribes were convinced, or perhaps their hardness of heart would forever prevent them from accepting an indisputable truth; we may never know this side of eternity. However, this we can know; such signs, wonders, and miracles as these were given so that man might believe on the Christ and live in His name, according to John chapter twenty. That being the case, man is placed in a position that absolutely demands a response of him. Even a hesitancy to say “yes” to the Lord while still stopping short of refusing Him is to in essence say “no”, at least for the time being. The gospel demands a reply. At Hebrews chapter ten, the, writer declared that willful sin on the part of one who has received knowledge of the truth will effectively cut that one off from the power of Jesus’ blood to cleanse. Please note that the implied composition of knowledge is fact; fiction cannot be correctly referred to as knowledge. For one to deny the fact of God’s truth changes nothing about it’s authenticity. Therefore, exposure to God’s will for man requires of him to respond; either in obedience to redemption or disobedience to loss: there is no other status. His power, according to Divine record, has been demonstrated that we might believe, and we’re warned of the evils of doubting His word. Based upon your obedience to the gospel, is He not able to cleanse your sin, too?


Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater