Daily Lift – February 13, 2019

The One Who Wears It

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The Nineteenth of Acts records a riot in the city of Ephesus. The tumult was instigated by a silversmith known as Demetrius, who feared the preaching of the apostle Paul would diminish their sale of silver shrines made in honor of the goddess Diana. Seized in the riot were Paul’s Macedonian traveling companions, Aristarchus and Gaius. Later, at the Twentieth of Acts, Gaius of Derbe is among those traveling with Paul. First Corinthians One identifies one named Gaius as having been baptized by Paul, while the Sixteenth of Romans reveals that Gaius was Paul’s host as the apostle wrote the epistle to the Roman Church. The book of Third John was addressed unto the well-beloved Gaius. Though Gaius was one of the most common names of the time among Greek-speaking people, it is not the name itself, but the deeds attributed to these who wore it, that make it worthy of note. Similarly, it is not claiming the name of Christian, but doing the will of the Father which is in Heaven, that will bring glory to that name, the Lord for Whom it is given, and the one who wears it.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater