Daily Lift – February 14, 2019

Small Numbers

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In the beginning, God chose of one couple, Adam and Eve, to begin the population of the earth. God chose one faithful family, that of Noah, to repopulate the earth following the great flood. God chose one couple, Abraham and Sarah, of whom to raise up the great nation of Israel. God chose one man, Moses, to lead that nation out of Egypt and unto their land of promise. By one shepherd boy, David, was the Philistine giant, Goliath, slain. By one virgin woman, Mary, did the Lord God bring the promised Messiah into the world. By one Savior, Jesus Christ, did the Almighty make redemption available unto humanity. By twelve men did the Savior choose to begin the preaching of the Gospel unto the known world. By the faithful of one Church, the Lord’s, will Heaven be populated, and these will be but a relative few. In nothing regard yourself to be unexceptional or common. God has, and still does, accomplish much with small numbers.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater