Daily Lift – February 17, 2019

The Savior Gave His Blood

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The Savior admonished those who would hear to direct their lives toward what He described as a narrow gate. Though doing so would place them in the company of a relatively small number, their quest is rewarded with the priceless prize of eternal life in the house of the Heavenly Father. While the majority of the world wends its way to and through the broadened way of destruction, that minority heeding the Lord’s advice are reminded that excellence resides in quality, not in quantity. Precious metals and stones owe their value to their scarcity. Were they as common as gravel, they would be hardly more valuable. The best of anything is always few and rare, and abundance results in depreciation. The giants among men may be dwarfs in stature. It is the choices they have made, the life they have pursued, and the example they have set and left for posterity that has made them great. Worth is further determined by the price any is willing to pay. For the world, the Savior gave His blood.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater