Daily Lift – February 18, 2019

Grace to the Humble

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Sackcloth is a coarse material made of goats’ hair and intended, as the name suggests, to be us to make sacks for utilitarian purposes. Though not woven for purposes of clothing, it was often worn as an indication of humility and repentance. Jacob wore sackcloth as an expression of mourning when he believed his son Joseph to be dead, and the Ninevites wore sackcloth in response to the preaching of Jonah. Job also put on sackcloth during his trial of great grief and loss. Though the ancients expressed their grief, humility, and repentance in these manners, it is not the wearing of sackcloth that shall increase our effectiveness when we make entreaty to God. Rather, it is humility of heart that shall gain the Lord’s grace and favor. It is also in the heart that repentance takes place, and in the heart where the Lord shall detect it. Sackcloth or not, God resists the proud but gives graces to the humble.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater