Daily Lift – February 19, 2017

If you asked a kid in school where he’d most like to be at the time, he’s not likely to tell you he’d rather where he is than anywhere else. Few kids enjoy their academic occupation, and this fact provides parents a constant challenge to encourage their young to do well at school. However, parents themselves may have some divided interests of their own when it comes to worship services. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to examine ourselves to determine whether we’ve given our worshipful practices the attention they deserve. At First Thessalonians five, Paul wrote at verse seventeen that we are to pray without ceasing. No doubt this admonishes us to be continual with our prayer life. A person who doesn’t pray on his own through the week isn’t likely to be very sincere about it when he goes to church. At Second Corinthians nine, Paul writes again at verse seven that God loves a cheerful giver. That given as an act of duty without a cheerful heart cannot be pleasing to God. Colossians three at verse sixteen seems to indicate that the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs is an expression of the dwelling of the word of Christ in us. That being true, what would be indicated by the one sitting in silence while the congregation sang praise to God? First Corinthians eleven teaches us how to properly and effectively partake-of the Lord’s Supper, while verse thirty notes that failure to do so is why many of the church were spiritually weak, sickly, and sleepy. The twentieth chapter of Acts records at verse seven that Paul preached until midnight, and the following text only mentions one whose attention Paul had lost. Yet, when the words of life are being declared in the assembly, do we receive them with as much interest as that we would afford a favorite television program? At John four, Jesus said at verse twenty-four that God is worshiped only in spirit and in truth. Shall we carry these thoughts with us into the next assembly of the saints?


Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater