Daily Lift – February 2, 2019

No Lesser Evil

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Some have been faced with dilemmas that seem unsolvable without crossing a moral boundary. Under such circumstances, it is what has been referred to as “the lesser of two evils” that is often chosen as the perceived solution. Yet, when allowance is made for what seems to be a lesser evil, it is more and greater evils for which the proverbial door is being opened. At the Fifth of First John, the apostle cautions us that all unrighteousness is sin. With that understood, the theory is quashed that there can even be a lesser evil. At First John One, we are told that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin. Therefore, what is necessary to cleanse one sin is necessary to cleanse all sins; the cure for the perceived lesser evil is identical to the cure for the most heinous of offenses. Whether one’s spiritual vision is obstructed by the mote or the beam, as the Savior expressed at the Seventh of Matthew, both need that vision restored. There is no lesser evil.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater