Daily Lift – February 24, 2017

Normally, the longer we know an individual, the better we feel we know that person. Perhaps there is not another who is more qualified to speak for or about an individual than the one who has known him the longest. John had not apparently known Jesus Christ since His birth, but he had known Him from the beginning of His ministry. Such is what he claims at First John the first chapter, where he begins at verse one to note the experiences he had with the Lord from the beginning -of His work. However, the quality of a witness is often judged based on not only the length of experience, but the type of experience as well. In John’s case, he not only had known Christ from the beginning of His work, but also had heard the things Jesus said, seen the things Jesus did, and been in physical contact with the Christ both before and after His crucifixion. There seems to be no other reliable type of evidence available regarding the authenticity of the Son of God than that offered by John. Let’s consider what John heard, saw, and felt with his hands. First of all, recall the scene of Matthew chapter sixteen, when, at verses thirteen through eighteen, Jesus asked the disciples of the opinion of the people concerning Him. He was thought to be many names, but Peter confessed Him to the Christ, the Son of the living God. In reply, Jesus announced that it would be upon the Rock of Himself that He would build His church, and that not even hell itself would be able to prevail against it. John was there to hear these things. At Mark the ninth chapter, Jesus informed the disciples that the kingdom of the church would be established in their lifetimes. It was shortly afterward that He led Peter, James, and John up a high mountain, and was there transfigured before them to become at least a measure of the glorified state He would once again assume when He returned to heaven. Moses and Elias appeared there with Him and spoke with Him, while God instructed the mortal witnesses to hear Christ. John was there to see these things. When Christ arose from the grave and walked among men for forty days, John was there to touch Him. Such overwhelming evidence is always accepted in our courts of law, yet there are many who still reject the Christ of our salvation. If the unsaved wait until they must themselves see and hear the Savior when He returns, it will then be too late. May they accept the witness of the knowing and believing while yet there is time.

Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater