Daily Lift – February 24, 2019

There is No Law

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The Fifth of Galatians offers us a list of seventeen spiritual maladies described as “works of the flesh.” Described as “manifest,” we are to understand that each of them is known to humanity, and no responsible person is unaware of them. The fourth on the list is “lasciviousness.” Simply defined, it amounts to a lack of personal discipline and self-control, and it is the result of spiritual weakness. Consequently, lasciviousness may lay at the root of any of the other works of the flesh. However, Galatians Five also offers us a list of nine spiritual qualities described as “fruit of the Spirit.” The ninth on the list is “temperance.” They who are temperate are the essential opposite of they who are lascivious, for they possess the restraint and personal discipline that makes them resistant to the works of the flesh, while embracing and cultivating the fruits of the Spirit. Against such, Paul wrote, there is no law.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater