Daily Lift – February 26, 2017

You’ll no doubt recall the account of Adam and Eve at Genesis chapter three. It’s one of the most familiar records of scripture, and a virtual bottomless well of lessons and examples for those seeking to please God. Jehovah had warned the first man and woman not to partake of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, for they would die in the day that they did so. However, Satan appeared in the form of a serpent to convince the woman that eating of the fruit would actually have a very pleasant effect. She responded by eating of the fruit, and gave of it to her husband, and he ate of it also. Life went on for Adam and Eve after that act of disobedience, but life was never as good and pleasant again for them or for any of the race of man. It’s true that man managed to get along with his life after disobeying God, but the quality of life had been severely damaged for as long as man would walk upon the earth. Most of us consider our lives as they are to be quite normal. However, we never lived the kind of life Adam and Eve had before their sinful fall. It was a life not quite like the one we live; one more filled with leisure and with less responsibility. What God originally created to be normal for man has been long lost; a life in which there was not even the thought of sin. Life has gone on for man since sin entered the world, but how well? In 1943, my father turned twenty-one. He drove a 1938 Plymouth that year, and the government was rationing fuels because of the effects of World War II. For that reason, he couldn’t buy enough gasoline to get home, but he could purchase kerosene. He put what gas he could buy into the tank, and filled the rest with kerosene. That old Plymouth ran on that mixture, but my father recalled he-never· –heard such pinging and knocking in a car engine before or since, and the smoke was so bad that people driving behind him couldn’t see. Yes, he made an old car run on the wrong fuel. Obviously, though, it didn’t run very well. Yes, Adam and Eve went on living after disobeying God, but they didn’t live nearly as well as they would have; nor have any of us. Yes, you might manage to get along in life without following God’s instructions, but how well? Be assured that your life will suffer considerably if you fail to order it after God’s laws. If you have resisted His instruction so far, you’ve yet to discover what you’ve missed. What you have considered normal all your life is far less than what God had in mind for you if you have yet to submit to Him.


Written and Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater