Daily Lift – February 27, 2019

Coming We Await

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It was approximately 733 B.C. that Jerusalem was attacked by Syria and the Northern Kingdom of Israel. As a result, the hearts of Ahaz, King of Judah, and those of his people were said at the Seventh of Isaiah to move as the trees of the wood are moved by the wind. However, God sent Isaiah the prophet to encourage King Ahaz to be quiet, fear not, and be not faint of heart, for the aggression of his enemies would not stand, nor would its purpose come to pass. As a sign of the prophecy’s accuracy, Isaiah foretold the birth of a boy who would be known as Immanuel. Before the child would be old enough to discern right from wrong, Ahaz’s enemies would be forsaken of their kings. While Ahaz could take comfort in the words God sent Isaiah to bring, we may take comfort in not only the birth but also the death, resurrection, ascension, and eternal reign of a promised Son, the prophecies of Whom have come to pass, and Whose second coming we await.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater