Daily Lift – February 27, 2020

Evil is Afoot

The Third Commandment forbids the vain use of the Name of the Lord. While the Mosaic Law provided for the use of the Divine Name in sworn oaths, the Nineteenth of Leviticus forbade the profaning of the Lord’s Name by using it to swear falsely. Though the Sixth of Deuteronomy had indicated that swearing by the Lord’s Name was a proper expression of those that both feared and served the Lord in the Mosaic age, man apparently proved himself a poor steward of the privilege. At the Fifth of Matthew, the Savior simply forbade swearing at all, whether by Heaven, earth, Jerusalem, or even by one’s self. If for any reason it seems inadequate to simply give a testimony of yes or no, then something evil is afoot.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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