Daily Lift – February 28, 2019

The Building of Your Temple

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Ezra was a Priest and Scribe of Israel after their return from Babylonian captivity. It is within the book of the Old Testament that bears his name that we are told of that return around 536 B.C. King Cyrus of Persia had charged the Israelite tribes of Judah and Benjamin with the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. After the commencement of the project, the mixed-race Samaritans asked to participate in it but were turned away. As a result, the Samaritans sought instead to impede the work. It was the prophets Haggai and Zechariah that encouraged the people to resume the Temple’s rebuilding. The Second of Ephesians teaches us that the people of God are an holy temple in the Lord and built together to be an habitation of God through the Spirit. Though the Holy Writ teaches us how this is accomplished, the enemies of our spiritual success will seek to thwart it. Let nothing stand in the way of the building of your temple.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater