Daily Lift – February 3, 2019

Not Just Good Luck

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Some men attribute the blessings in their life to nothing more than good luck. However, to acknowledge luck at all is to acknowledge superstition, and Paul the apostle likened superstition to ignorance in his address to the Athenians at the Seventeenth of Acts. In His Sermon on the Mount at the Fifth of Matthew, the Savior pointed out that the Heavenly Father caused the sun to rise upon the evil and the good and sent His rain upon the just and the unjust. Others, though, attribute unfortunate events to bad luck. Yet again, what is referred to as bad luck may be nothing more than the consequence of sin. As Paul found it necessary to declare unto the Athenians the God of whom they were ignorant, it is necessary also for us to recognize the role of Divine providence in our lives, though we may never have thought ourselves ignorant of God Himself. Our Savior promised the provision of all necessary things to those who sought first the Kingdom and righteousness of God, and that is not just good luck.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater