Daily Lift – February 7, 2019

Preserve the World

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In the effort to achieve for themselves a measure of fame, some have instead earned only infamy. While endeavoring among their peers to become noteworthy, there are those who have accomplished only notoriety. While some have sought in their field to become men of respect, they may have instead become the object of ridicule. Wise men, in the meanwhile, may have observed all this while quietly telling themselves they knew it would turn out this way. This, however, calls into question even the wisdom of these who, out of social caution, refused to reveal by sound counsel what they knew. As a result, the end of these may be no better than that of those who were denied at least the opportunity to benefit from better knowledge. When such inhabit the Church, they are the hidden candles in the house without light and the salt without savor which can no longer season and preserve the world.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater