Daily Lift – February 7, 2020

Same Dreaded Results

When Israel’s King David coveted another man’s wife, he and she became guilty of adultery, the illegitimate child that resulted soon died, as had the man whose wife David took, David’s family suffered, and the enemies of God were given great cause to blaspheme. A single error often multiplies, both in number and in consequence. Second Samuel Six records the transporting of the Ark of the Covenant upon an ox cart. When the Ark was shaken, Uzzah put forth his hand to steady it. The Ark was to be moved with staves through its four rings at its corners, and no holy thing was to be touched on the penalty of death; so Uzzah died by the Ark. Whether by ignorance or impulsiveness, the commission of sin yields the same dreaded results.

Written by David Hayes Prophater