Daily Lift – February 8, 2019

The Ancient Order

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It has been historically common for sovereign nations to be ruled by a king. Consequently, the political, social, economic, and military success and welfare of any kingdom depended upon the skill, justice, and wisdom of its monarch. The nation of Israel was no exception to this. Its history includes those on its throne whose legacies are to be admired, though none were perfect. The most memorable of all these is David, out of whose lineage the promised Messiah was introduced to the world, and for whom the very throne of Christ is named. Yet there were those also whose wickedness and foolishness brought Israel to the lowest points of its history. It is those who should remind us the most of the original order of God’s chosen people, when He, and He alone, was their Ruler. As the Church brought the redefinition of God’s elect, no provision has been made for any to rule over it but Christ. As men have taken it upon themselves to do so, so also has been lost the ancient order.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater