Daily Lift – February 9, 2019

The Difference in Twins

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If you were asked to visualize twins, it is quite likely that the image coming to mind would be that of individuals with near identical features. They may even be dressed alike, particularly if they are children. However, Jacob and Esau were twins, and they seemed to be little alike at all. Esau, the eldest, was quite hairy, while Jacob was a smooth-skinned man. Esau became a cunning hunter, though Jacob was a plain man dwelling in tents. Their father, Isaac, favored Esau, though their mother, Rebekah, was partial to Jacob. As the eldest, Esau’s was the birthright, entitling him to a double portion of the inheritance, succession to the patriarch of the family, and a special blessing of the father. As valuable as this was to the firstborn son, Esau traded it to Jacob for a bowl of beans, and the latter became the father of twelve sons for whom the tribes of Israel were named. No, twins are not necessarily alike, any more than the way a man may choose that appears right but is the way of death. How profound can be the difference in twins.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater