Daily Lift – January 05, 2017

Adversity or Opportunity?

Steve Higginbotham

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the farmer who began digging a well one afternoon. By the
end of the day, the well was quite deep, and due to darkness, the farmer decide to “call it a
day” and resume digging in the morning. However, that very evening, under the cover of
darkness, an unsuspecting cow wandering near and fell into the freshly dug hole. The next
morning, the farmer and his three sons tried every way imaginable to pull this unfortunate cow
out of the hole, but with no success. Finally, the frustrated farmer instructed his sons to give
up on trying to rescue the cow and to just take their shovels and cover him up. So the farmer’s
sons did as they were instructed. However, with every shovel of dirt thrown on the cow’s back,
the cow would shrug, and the dirt would fall around it. Pretty soon, they had thrown so much
dirt into the hole that the cow was simply able to walk out of the hole without any help.

The point is this: “What may be intended to ‘bury’ us may just become our ‘salvation.'”
Next time you face adversity, shrug it off. Who knows whether that experience may end up
being a stepping-stone to your success and spiritual growth. Give it some thought.

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