Daily Lift – January 07, 2017

Richard Baxter was born in 1615, and became a poet, songwriter, and puritan preacher. It is reported that while on his death bed in 1691, Baxter had a visit from a close friend. His friend sat down by his side and asked the dying Baxter, “How are you doing today?” Baxter’s response, which also happened to be the last words he ever spoke was, “I am almost well.” Baxter believed he was going to heaven and as sick as he was, and knowing that his body was dying, he responded by saying, “I’m almost well.”

While I’m not passing judgment on Baxter’s eternal destiny, I am commending him for his perspective? May God help us to live, and may we resolve to live in such a way that when our body is dying, we can truly say, “I’m almost well.”

So, let me ask you, “How are you doing today?”


Written By: Steve Higginbotham
Recorded By: David Hayes Prophater

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