Daily Lift – January 10, 2019

Greater Than the Effort

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There is a law of nature as old as creation itself. That law requires every seed to bring forth after its own kind. Not only so, but that which is brought forth is in far greater volume than the seed from which it grew. What is true of growing plants is true also regarding spiritual life. At the Sixth of Galatians, Paul warned that those sowing to the flesh would reap corruption. However, those sowing to the Spirit would reap life everlasting. In either case, one not only reaps what he sows, but he also reaps more. Solomon spoke similarly at Proverbs Fourteen, and again at Proverbs Sixteen. The wise man warned that the way which seems right to a man becomes the ways of death. Did you notice that the singular way that seemed right became the plural ways of death? What began as one evolved into many, and none to be desired. Yet, Paul promised that they who do not become weary in well doing will reap in due time, and the reward is greater than the effort.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater