Daily Lift – January 11, 2019

Expensive Is Not Cheap

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When the Savior at the Sixteenth of Matthew foretold of His death and resurrection, Peter responded by saying that none of this should occur. Though Peter was well intentioned, the Lord told him to get behind Him, as if he were Satan; for Peter savored the things of men, and not of God. As the Lord would literally have a cross to bear, man also would find it necessary to bear a cross of responsibility for the cause of Christ. The Savior paid the ultimate price for our redemption, and there is a price for man to pay to be faithful to the calling of the Lord. Would it not be confusing to see expensive items in the market place priced very cheaply, and just as confusing to see cheap things priced very high? The pursuit of worldliness has an expensive price, while ultimately offering little or nothing in return. The redemption of the soul was expensive to secure, and it costs the sacrifice of the world to receive it. The expensive is not cheap.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater