Daily Lift – January 19, 2019

Desire and Purpose of God

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The Genesis record reveals that God created man in His own image. Because God is a Spirit, we know it is not the body of man that is made in the Divine image; for the Savior stated that spirits have not flesh and bones. It is the soul of a man that is destined to live forever somewhere, either in or out of the presence of God; and it is this spiritual aspect of man’s being that was made in the image of the Creator. Solomon noted that though the dust from which man is made will return eventually to the earth as it was, the spirit of a man was purposed to return to the God Who gave it. Material things have often been awarded sacred values so much so that the desecration of those things is regarded as a crime against both the conscience and the emotions. It is only proper, then, that appropriate care be taken of the spiritual being of a man made in God’s image. The consequence of failure in this regard is known as condemnation and is diametrically opposed to the desire and purpose of God.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater