Daily Lift – January 24, 2020

Those Who Wrest the Scriptures

At Second Peter Three, the apostle noted that the unlearned and unstable tended to wrest the Scriptures unto their own destruction. That spiritual instability is doubtlessly the result of being unlearned in the things of God, as might be the tendency to wrest the Scriptures. No more blatant example of the misuse of Scripture exists than that of Satan at the Fourth of Matthew when he referred to the Psalms of David to assure the Savior that He could leap without harm. from a pinnacle of the temple. The Lord responded by referencing the ancient command of His Father not to tempt the Lord God. The Savior’s use of this ordinance may refer not only to the temptation He faced at that moment, but also to the Divine reaction of those who wrest the Scriptures.

Written by David Hayes Prophater