Daily Lift – January 25, 2019

We Are Born Again

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Though no one lives without some sort of imperfection, there is no reason to tolerate in one’s self what could otherwise be remedied. It is a pity to witness a defect among otherwise excellent qualities, but it is among the latter that the former may become more obvious and divert attention away from what there is to be admired. A single cloud can block the whole of the sun. At the Fifth of Matthew, the Savior called upon us to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect. That perfection is the essence of the holiness to which we are called at First Peter One. In both cases, the Lord Himself is set forth as the Pattern after which to model ourselves. Because Peter pointed out that holy perfection is to characterize every aspect of our behavior, there should remain no defect to mar our personal and spiritual quality. Offspring bear resemblance to those that begat them; so must we bear spiritual resemblance to Him by Whom we are born again.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater