Daily Lift – January 28, 2019

His Word is Disbelieved

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The First of Luke describes Zacharias and his wife, Elisabeth, as well stricken in years. They had no children, and, as a priest, Zacharias performed before God the duties of his office by the burning of incense in the temple. He and Elisabeth were both described as blamelessly walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord. The angel Gabriel was sent to Zacharias to announce that he and Elisabeth would become parents of he whom we would later know as John the Baptist. When Zacharias found this message hard to believe, he was stricken dumb until after the birth and naming of the child. It appears that our understanding of blamelessness on the part of any man must be tempered with our understanding of his inherent imperfection. Consider the unlikely event of Jehovah sending an angel from His presence to communicate an untruth. They who doubt God are unbelieving; it matters not what portion of His Word is disbelieved.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater