Daily Lift – January 29, 2019

Work and Laziness

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Because man is made in the image of God, he is considered the crowning glory of terrestrial creation. All else upon the earth is considered a lower form of life. Even so, Solomon said the sluggard can, and should, learn from the ant. Ecclesiastes Six describes the ant as what would be regarded in the professional world as a self-starter. Though no one prods him to do so, he stores his provisions in the summer and gathers food at harvest. However, laziness steals from the sluggard any hope of prosperity, and leaves him with poverty. He may dismiss the success of others by attributing it only to luck; but luck, if it exists, receives assistance from effort. Rather than waiting for the gate of accomplishment to open, one must open it himself and walk through it under his own power. Those that do so cast doubt on the theory of good or bad luck and prove the opposite values of wisdom and foolishness and of work and laziness.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater