Daily Lift – January 3, 2019

No Excellence in Sameness

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Between the coasts of Russia and Alaska lay the Bering Strait, connecting the Arctic Ocean to the north with the Pacific Ocean to the south, by way of the Bering Sea. Similarly, the Strait of Gibraltar connects the Mediterranean Sea to the east with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and separates the southern coast of Spain from the northern coast of Africa. In both cases, the straits are so called because they are a narrowing in the waterways. The word “strait” is used in the same manner by the Savior at the Seventh of Matthew when He described the way that leads unto life. It was with emphatic redundance that the Lord paired “strait” with “narrow” to ensure that we miss not the point. Though most of the world takes the wide and broadened path of least resistance unto destruction, the Savior declared that only few will maintain the spiritual discipline necessary to tread the strait and narrow. Though the world incorrectly defines “popular” and “proper” as synonyms, the people of God have learned that there is no excellence in sameness.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater