Daily Lift – January 30, 2019

Prayerful Watchfulness

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At the Twenty Sixth of Matthew, the Savior told Peter that the spirit of a man is willing to accomplish what the flesh may be too weak to perform. The Lord’s prescribed solution for such a condition is prayerful watchfulness that one should not enter into temptation. Christ had taught this principle consistently. In His Sermon on the Mount, one of the things for which He taught His audience to pray was that they be not led into temptation. A principle key to the avoidance of sin is the avoidance of temptation, and both are wares peddled by the devil himself. For this cause, Peter likened Satan to a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. The apostle enjoined sober vigilance in order to avoid such a dreaded adversary. Peter again called for sober, prayerful watchfulness in the interests of being prepared for the end of all things. Whether avoiding temptation or preparing for the ultimate end, both have one thing in common: prayerful watchfulness.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater