Daily Lift – January 5, 2019

Knowledge and Courage

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Two elements of greatness are knowledge and courage. The two work best together because a person often requires courage to apply his knowledge. No fewer than four times within the first chapter of the book that bears his name, Joshua was told to be strong and of a good courage; this, because he would proceed according to the knowledge of both the commands and promises God had made unto him. Because the Word of the Lord will not pass away, knowledge of that Word is as immortal as the Word itself. On the other hand, the prophet Hosea exclaimed that his people were destroyed for the lack of the knowledge they rejected. These would be forgotten of God for as many generations as it took for the people to turn again unto the Almighty. Darkness is as representative of sin as it is of ignorance, and the latter is a parent of the former. However, he walks in the light whose fear of the Lord has been the beginning of his knowledge; and he is strong who is of a good courage.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater