Daily Lift – January 8, 2020

Hardly Worth Serving

The Twenty-First of Exodus decreed that if a man abused. his servant by smiting out an eye or a tooth, then that injured servant was to go free. If the servants of men were freed because they were abused, how much more so should the servants of Satan go free for the abuse he has inflicted upon them? At the Eighth of John, the Savior described the devil as a murderer. Satan is such because the Sixth of Romans teaches us that the wage of sin is death. The Savior also described Satan as a liar and the father of it. He is such because Second Corinthians Eleven teaches us that it was by lying that the devil tempted Eve and brought sin into the world. Second Peter Five tells us that Satan seeks whom he may devour. The master that abuses his servants is hardly worth serving.

Written by David Hayes Prophater