Daily Lift – January 9, 2019

Send Your Lust Away

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At First Corinthians Ten, Paul wrote that no temptation has taken you but such as is common to man. The statement seems to indicate not only that everyone is affected by Satan’s temptations, but also that temptation to commit specific offenses is equally universal. Fortunately, God has both prohibited Satan from overwhelming us, as well as provided a way to escape any of the devil’s temptations. At the One Hundred Nineteenth Psalm, David said he had hidden the Word of God in his heart, that he might not sin against the Lord. This principle is not better illustrated anywhere than by the Savior Himself at the Fourth of Matthew’s Gospel. There, the Christ responded to each of the devil’s temptations with a quotation of Scripture, presenting the perfect refutals to the tempter’s propositions. On the other hand, James One teaches us that it is one’s own lust that facilitates temptation. When doing battle with Satan, take the Word with you, and send your lust away.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater