Daily Lift – July 10, 2019

The Bearer of the Truth

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When Abraham dwelt for a time in Gerar, he supposed it to be a godless and heathen place. For this cause, he feared his wife Sarah would be taken from him, and that he might be murdered in the process. Therefore, Abraham instructed Sarah to identify herself as his sister, which was half-right; for she was the daughter of his father but not of his mother. As Abraham feared, King Abimelech took Sarah, though God rebuked and warned the king in a dream to return her to her husband. Abimelech, in turn, not only returned Sarah to Abraham, but also rebuked him for bringing evil upon the kingdom. In addition, Abraham and Sarah were compensated for the error. Though there may be times when dishonesty seems to better serve a perceived purpose, the reward of righteousness is to the bearer of the truth.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater