Daily Lift – July 12, 2019

Make Those Provisions

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Among those for whom the Lord reserves a special sympathy are the fatherless and widows. Children with neither guardian nor provider are helpless, and women, particularly older ones of more ancient history, were also often left virtually destitute following the death of a husband upon whom they had depended. The Lord felt so strongly about the care of such ones that He inspired Paul to write, at First Timothy Five, that he had denied the faith who neglected to provide for the dependent ones of his family and was worse than an infidel. When needy senior widows had no family upon whom to rely, the Church was charged with their care. Those widows who had themselves been providers of similar benevolence were regarded as particularly deserving of such considerations. While the Savior promised fulfillment of material needs to those seeking first the Kingdom, we may be the instrument through whom He chooses to make those provisions.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater