Daily Lift – July 14, 2019

Yet Without Sin

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At First Corinthians Ten, Paul the apostle tells us that temptation is common to all persons. It is helpful, then, for all persons to understand the source of temptation and by this understanding to be motivated to resist it. First of all, James One makes it clear that temptation does not come from God. The desire for that which ought to be abhorred opens the door for enticement. Yet, the Twenty-Second of Genesis depicts God as tempting Abraham. However, “tempt” here has reference to a proving by test, as He would later do with the Israelites in the wilderness. Our Savior is the greatest of all examples regarding the resisting of Satan. Tempted in the wilderness, the Lord consistently responded with Scripture to the wiles of the devil. If we do the same, we become more like Him Who was tempted in all points like as are we, yet without sin.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater