Daily Lift – July 15, 2019

Peace that Transcends Understanding

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It is at the Fourteenth of Genesis that Melchizedek is described as King of Salem and as Priest of the Most High God. The same is said of him at the Seventh of Hebrews. There is disagreement among not only scholars, but also among the traditions of both Jews and Christians, about the locale of Salem. For example, David seems to associate Salem with Jerusalem in his Seventy-Sixth Psalm, while Hebrews Seven defines “salem” as “peace.” Because the history of Jerusalem is fraught with conflict, some have expressed doubt that Salem could be an abbreviated version of the latter name, Jerusalem. In the final analysis, it now matters little whether there is or was peace in Jerusalem or whether the city could have earned the name of peace. What does matter is whether the children of God are enjoying the peace that transcends understanding.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater