Daily Lift – July 2, 2019

Greatest of Temptations

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It is in the country well-watered that a man would establish his land and home, for a place without water is but an infertile desert. Water is to land what integrity is to a person. A man without integrity is characterized by the desert into which John the Baptist sought to make a highway for the Lord to enter. The man of integrity refuses influence opposite his character and exercises no such poor influence upon another. Even men lacking integrity have cast both trust and favor upon those who possess it. There is no greater judge of integrity than Jehovah Himself, and it is He that testified of Job as a man that still held fast his integrity, though Satan moved God against him to destroy him without cause. Job’s integrity was known of God both before and after it was put to the test. As a land well-watered survives even a drought, a man with integrity survives the greatest of temptations.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater