Daily Lift – July 25, 2019

The Sons of God

The Pharaohs who ruled over ancient Egypt considered themselves to be the sons of their imagined sun god, Ra. God had told Moses to identify Israel to Pharaoh as the firstborn son of God. Further, Moses was to warn Pharaoh that if the Israelites were not released from Egypt, Pharaoh’s firstborn son would be slain. Presumably, for Pharaoh to understand the relationship he believed himself to have with Ra, as well as with his own son, was to understand vividly the message Jehovah had sent to him. That God referred to Israel as His firstborn was to imply that there would be more whom He would call His own. John wrote to say that as many as received and believed on the Savior were given the power to become the sons of God.

Written by David Hayes Prophater