Daily Lift – July 29, 2020

Commands and Decrees

Often, someone may be heard detailing what he has to do. Typically in such expressions, “has” or “have” is used in place of “must.” Just as typically, what a person feels he has to do or must do is that which he wants most to do, or feels obligated to accomplish. However, God often feels much differently about what is the most important object of man’s attention. At the Twelfth of Ecclesiastes, Solomon noted that, after all had been heard, the whole duty of man was to fear God and keep His commandments, and our time could not be better spent. The Tenth of Deuteronomy assures us that it is for our good that we are taught to fear the Lord, walk in His ways, love Him, serve Him with all the heart and soul, observing both His commands and decrees.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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