Daily Lift – July 3, 2019

What His Hand Finds to Do

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What has been accomplished by humanity has been referred to as “done by the hand of man.” The generosity of God has been described as coming from “His bountiful hand.” The “mighty hand of God” is an expression descriptive of the Lord’s omnipotence. Paul’s reference to “the lifting up of holy hands” is descriptive of purity in both life and motive, while a symbolic or ceremonial washing of hands denotes absence of guilt, responsibility, or both. How a person suffers or benefits from the power and generosity of God’s hand depends upon what he does with his own. A person guilty of misdeeds or neglect cannot regain innocence by just washing his hands; he must be washed in the Blood. Further, he may maintain his innocence by occupying himself with the Lord’s purpose, doing with might what his hand finds to do.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater