Daily Lift – July 31, 2019

What He Offers to the World

The Savior recalled at the Twelfth of Matthew that the Ninevites had repented at the preaching of Jonah. However, His present company had not repented at the preaching of the Son of God. The queen of the South had traveled great distance to hear the wisdom of Solomon, while the Savior’s critics had no regard for the Divine wisdom of the King of Kings. Hence, both the Ninevites and the queen of the South would rise up in judgment with that generation and condemn it. The Lord had provided His audiences with all necessary to achieve deliverance from Satan, and they often refused to receive it. Nonetheless, no greater sign of His truth and Deity could be given than His resurrection from the dead, and the resulting victory is what He offers to the world.

Written by David Hayes Prophater