Daily Lift – July 4, 2019

The Place You Called Home

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There were five cities which seemed to be the most important among the Philistines. These were Ashdod, Askelon, Ekron, Gaza, and Gath. When the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant from Israel, the cities of Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath were smitten with plagues until they returned it. It was from Gath that hailed the giant Goliath, who, after intimidating the army of Israel, was slain by the shepherd boy, David, who wielded only a sling and stones. Just over two decades later, David, then as king, would subdue Gath and take it from the hands of the Philistines. Now, no one seems to know exactly where the city of Gath had stood. Every place ever named is remembered for something, and that memory is owing to its people and what they did. For what will you be remembered, and the place you called home?

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater