Daily Lift – July 4, 2021

Daily Do So

At the Nineteenth of Acts, seven sons of the chief priest attempted to cast out of a man an evil spirit. Not recognizing the presence of the power that the Savior had given to the apostles, the evil spirit prompted the possessed man to attack and wound the seven. The name of Jesus was magnified when the public saw what Satan could do in the absence of the power of the Spirit of Christ. Interestingly, about twenty-six years earlier, the disciples of Jesus failed for lack of faith to cast a devil out of a child, though they had been given the power to do that very thing. The righteous cause was discredited when those who could did not, and Christ was magnified when those who could not attempted to do so. May Christ be magnified in us because we have the power to resist the tempter, and daily do so.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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