Daily Lift – July 6, 2019

Restoration of Greatness

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It was Joshua who had challenged the Israelites to choose whom they would serve. Though they vowed allegiance to Jehovah, they often thereafter forgot those promises of fidelity and brought down upon them the wrath of God. The Lord used their enemies to punish them, including King Eglon and his Moabite Kingdom. After eighteen years under Eglon, Israel asked for and received deliverance. That deliverance came by Ehud, the son of Gera, who delivered tribute to King Eglon. Under the pretense of delivering also a secret message from God, Ehud gained a private hearing with Eglon and assassinated him, leading to Israel’s defeat of Moab. Though it may be for the sins of many that a people is punished, it may be but by a single man that the same people are inspired to the restoration of greatness.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater