Daily Lift – June 10, 2019

His Sons and Daughters

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The basic societal unit is the family, and the Creator established it so when He brought a woman to the man, and the pair subsequently became parents. While the Fifth Commandment enjoined the honoring of father and mother, Solomon wrote repeatedly of the responsibilities parents have to their children, while the Savior and the apostle Paul also taught these things. The relationship of the spiritual children of a Heavenly Father is also rather basic to our understanding of Christianity. The first three of the Ten Commandments are about proper respect for God, though humanity has no cause to doubt whether the Almighty will properly fulfill His role with man. Rather, man should be more concerned about his duties to Jehovah. At Second Corinthians Six, Paul wrote that we should come out from among all unrighteous things and be separate from them, touching not the unclean. God promises to receive those that do so, becoming a Father to those whom He will regard as His sons and daughters.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater