Daily Lift – June 15, 2019

Christ is Our Life

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The Eleventh of John’s Gospel records the death of Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha. However, the chapter also records the Savior commanding Lazarus to come forth from the tomb wherein he had been laid four days prior. John Twelve tells us that many people came to see both Jesus and Lazarus, prompting the chief priests to plot the death of Lazarus, for by reason of him many of the Jews believed on Jesus. Later, the chief priests and Pharisees persuaded Pilate to seal the tomb of Christ and set a guard to prevent the removal of His body, lest news of His resurrection should reach the public. The more abundant spiritual life the Savior came to bring was typed by the physical life He would restore to Lazarus and to Himself. No wonder the agents of Satan sought so desperately to conceal it. As Paul wrote at the Third of Colossians, Christ is our life.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater