Daily Lift – June 17, 2017 – Saturday Edition

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Someone has said that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." I suppose the meaning of this is that various folks will find value in various things for various reasons. Something valuable to one person may be of much less or no worth to another, depending on the taste of persons involved. However, some things are considered of great value because of what it cost to purchase them, while other things become valuable because they are scarce or "one of a kind". Both of these are true with regard to the faith of Christians in Christ Jesus.

At Second Peter the first chapter, it is noted at verse one that the faith of Christians is precious indeed. Of that precious faith, it is stated at Ephesians the fourth chapter, at verse five, that this faith is one in number.

Certainly there can be no fewer than one of anything, which makes the New Testament faith of all things most unique;·, and, being only one in number, it also owes it’s value to that required to obtain it.

At the twentieth chapter of Acts, Paul noted at verse twenty-eight that the church was purchased with the Lord’s own blood. To be sure, Heaven could have offered no greater price than that which was paid to redeem us, making the one faith of the New Testament of inestimable worth. Yet, as is true in the material world, where valuable merchandise is often counterfeited, so have men devised their own brands and types of "faiths".

As a matter of fact, when determining which religious division a person has followed, one may be heard to ask, "Of what faith are you?" It’s a question that flies in the face of all that is taught in scripture on the subject, for, again, Paul declares there is only one faith, with Peter adding that this singular faith is precious indeed; precious for it is the only one of it’s kind, and it is bought with the Lamb’s blood.

Written and Performed by: David Hayes Prophater

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