Daily Lift – June 17, 2019

Name Was Blotted Out

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A figure of speech common among us is that of “being green with envy.” Interestingly, the Hebrew word translated as “jealous” in the Old Testament Scriptures meant “to be dyed dark red or black.” It appears figures of speech are certainly nothing new, nor is jealousy. Among men, even when it appears most justified, Solomon described jealousy at the Sixth of Proverbs as being the rage of a man, preventing his appeasement regardless of what might be offered. While jealousy and envy is spiritually, physically, and mentally unhealthy for humanity, the Twenty-Ninth of Deuteronomy expresses a righteous jealousy of God for those who belong to Him. Should a man become an idolater as the heathen, Jehovah declared He would not spare him as His anger and jealousy smoked against him, and from under heaven his name was blotted out.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater