Daily Lift – June 2, 2019

You Will Not Succeed

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Someone has said that one man and God are a majority. Though Jehovah does not require a man of dust to exert His power and might, the concept of a minority constituting a majority force is no better exemplified than when Jeroboam, monarch of the Northern Kingdom, used his eight hundred-thousand-man army to surround and attack the four hundred-thousand-man military of King Abijah of Judah. Because God stood with Judah who was then still in His favor, Jeroboam’s army fled before the soldiers of King Abijah, suffering a half-million casualties. It was not as if Jeroboam had not been sufficiently warned. Though Abijah had acknowledged being outnumbered two to one, he also declared the Lord to be the God of Judah, Whom they had not forsaken as had the northern confederates. “Do not fight against the Lord,” Abijah warned Jeroboam, “for you will not succeed.”

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater