Daily Lift – June 20, 2019

A Personal Favor

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At the Twenty-Fifth of Matthew, the Savior taught that there would be consideration made in judgment of those who did or did not provide material necessities to needy brethren. While the apostle Paul instructed the Corinthian church regarding a collection for the saints, the Lord cautioned in His Sermon on the Mount that the doing of alms was to be discreet. The definition of alms is both gifts given and the compassionate attitude expressed by those gifts. The Savior said such gifts included food, water, lodging, clothing, or even visitation in times of illness or incarceration. Righteous persons showed such kindness so routinely that they had no memory of it, while the unmerciful seemed willing to benefit only the Lord Himself. Neglecting the Savior’s brethren is neglect of the Savior, while care given to His own is regarded by Him as a personal favor.

Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater